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The Hong Kong International Aviation Academy is fully committed to sustainability.


The vision of the Hong Kong International Aviation Academy (HKIAA) is to establish Hong Kong’s position as a world-class civil aviation training hub for the sustainable development of the aviation industry in Hong Kong and in the region. We embrace the mission of creating a training facility for aviation practitioners and professionals in Hong Kong and around the region, aiming to:


  • Nurture young talent and provide career advancement for the continuous development of Hong Kong’s aviation industry;
  • Provide internationally recognised and accredited aviation training programmes to support the sustainable growth of the regional aviation industry; and
  • Strengthen Hong Kong’s soft power in aviation


Sustainability forms part of our Vision and Mission, as such, we strive to advocate environmental sustainability, social impact, ethical business practices, diversity and inclusion, and responsible governance. Through the implementation of energy-efficient measures and waste reduction initiatives, we have minimised our environmental footprint. Furthermore, we extend our commitment beyond HKIAA by actively engaging with local communities and organising educational events. Our ultimate goal is to contribute to a more sustainable aviation industry by equipping professionals with a thorough understanding of sustainability principles. 


Together, we aim to create a greener and more sustainable future.