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Airline Strategy

Who should attend

Executives or managers from airports, airlines and other aviation-related organisations, who are responsible for strategic planning and development

AVOM6410 MATF Approved Course
10/11/2022-12/11/2022 (3 days)
10/11/2023-12/11/2023 (3 days)
HKD 12,480 HKIAA
Application Deadline:
Airline Strategy

This module equips participants with a broad knowledge of airline management and its strategic decisions. On completion of the module, participants will be able to evaluate strategies of global airlines and how they are driven by external factors.


Learning outcomes: 

  • Describe the main concepts, methods and tools in airline strategic management
  • Critically evaluate the impact of air transport stakeholders in airline strategies
  • Analyse the different strategies used by the major and low-cost carriers and other business models
  • Evaluate how airline strategies are driven by regulations, competition, change in market environment and customer expectations


This course is one of the modules of Advanced Master in Air Transport Management and allows participants to take the module separately.

MATF-approved Programme

Eligible applicants may apply for refund of 80% of fees after completing this approved course, subject to a maximum of HKD30,000, under the Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (ProTERS) of Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF).  For details, please refer to the MATF session or 


Participants who achieved an attendance rate of 75% or above would be awarded a Certificate of Attendance