Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operations

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Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operations

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Remote pilots, responsible owners and operators who are preparing for legal requirements such as registration, labelling, awareness / training, insurance, safety requirements and guidelines for small unmanned aircrafts

2023 Q3 English
Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operations

This nine-day course provides participants with advanced theoretical training and practical 
assessment to operate small unmanned aircrafts. It equips participants with the necessary 
knowledge, experience and competence, facilitating them to attain advanced ratings for meeting 
the Civil Aviation Department (CAD) requirements under the new SUA Order.
The Government has enacted the new Small Unmanned Aircraft Order “Cap. 448G”, which 
commences on 1 June 2022, safeguarding aviation and public safety in tandem with evolving 


The status of the programme is subject to the final approval of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.