Emergency Service Responders Engaged in Aircraft Emergency

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Emergency Service Responders Engaged in Aircraft Emergency

Who should attend

Personnel who are involved in airport emergency response planning, operations manager of airlines, ground handling agents and airport operators

19/05/2022 – 25/05/2022 (5 days) Cantonese
HKD 10,920 HKIAA
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Emergency Service Responders Engaged in Aircraft Emergency

This five-day strategic course aims to inspire participants to build up their professional competence and implement collaborative operational responses to aircraft accidents. The course also sustains airport business continuity and is customised specifically for personnel responsible for commanding airport fire-fighting, airport management and operation.


The course covers topics from the outset on how aircraft emergencies are tackled by various response units, handling of the passengers, service recovery and paving the way on business continuity. It is divided into modules based on aircraft incident management's three general response phases.


On completion of the programme, participants will be able to reassess their own organisation's aircraft accident plans and make recommendations for improvements. Simulation / practical sessions on fire responses and site visits are included to widen participants' horizons in airport fire-fighting and enhance their learning experience.


Topics covered:

  • Aircraft Accident Coordination
  • Emergency Response – Airport Emergency Centre, Passenger Reception Centre, Family Reception Centre
  • Aircraft Salvage & Recovery
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Crisis Management and Public Relations (PR) Communication