Risk Management Workshop – Virtual Classroom

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Risk Management Workshop – Virtual Classroom

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Personnel who are responsible for aviation security management

27/11/2023 – 01/12/2023 (5 days) English
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Risk Management Workshop – Virtual Classroom

This four-day ICAO workshop allows participants to focus on risk management as it applies to protecting civil aviation against acts of unlawful interference. 


This interactive workshop provides participants with the opportunities to assess risk through the identification and evaluation of threats, consequences and vulnerabilities.


It also exposes participants to guidance material incorporated in the ICAO Global Risk Context Statement and provides essential skills to apply risk management methodology when determining the appropriate level of security measures to be implemented. 


Participants should be directly involved in the assessment or management of threats, vulnerabilities and/or risk on behalf of their State, including but not limited to the appropriate authority for aviation security, National Police, Intelligence Services, or, airports, airlines and other aviation security stakeholder



  • ICAO reserves the right to adjust the course fees
  • Only eligible airport staff can sign up for the aviation security courses