AVSEC National Inspectors*

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AVSEC National Inspectors*

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Supervisory or management personnel who wish to become aviation security auditors and / or inspectors within their states

09/07/2024 – 17/07/2024 (7 days) English
AVSEC National Inspectors*

This seven-day ICAO course identifies the monitoring components of a National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme. It also explains the definitions and legal basis governing aviation security audits, inspections, surveys and tests. By specifying the responsibilities and specific skills required to be an Inspector, the course introduces the appropriate methodology for performing security audits and inspections as part of a national programme.

Learning outcomes:

  • Definitions and monitoring activities within a National Civil Aviation Security Quality Control Programme
  • Audit and inspection preparation techniques
  • Audit and inspection methodology
  • Audit and inspection techniques
  • Qualities of an effective auditor / inspector
  • Covert testing and investigation


* Only eligible airport staff can sign up for the aviation security courses