Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS)

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Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS)

Who should attend

Airport or airline personnel working in aeronautical communication centres or handling aeronautical data communications

ATCS2904 MATF Approved Course
17/08/2023 – 18/08/2023 (2 days) English
Application Deadline:
Air Traffic Services Message Handling System (AMHS)

This two-day introductory course facilitates participants to gain practical awareness and understanding of aeronautical communications. It introduces the X.400 standards, Elements of Service (EoS) of MHS, different types of AMHS addressing scheme, AMHS and AFTN message inter-conversion and ICAO specifications and requirements in AMHS.


Topics covered:

  • ITU MHS information object, functional objects, protocols and models
  • EoS of MHS and IPMS
  • AMHS versus MHS and AMHS specifications
  • IPN, IPM and report elements
  • Inter-conversion between IPN / IPM / report and AFTN

MATF-approved Programme

Eligible applicants may apply for refund of 80% of fees after completing this approved course, subject to a maximum of HKD30,000, under the Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (ProTERS) of Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF).  For details, please refer to the MATF session or