Return to Line Flying Preparation

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Return to Line Flying Preparation

Who should attend

Holders of professional pilots’ licenses (Commercial Pilot (CPL) or Air Transport Pilot (ATP) Licenses) who have cockpit operational experience

On request (2 days) English
Application Deadline:
2 weeks before the class commences
Return to Line Flying Preparation

The two-day course enables participants to re-familiarise with issues closely related to the cockpit working environment and refresh their procedural skills up to skill test level. The handling processes are developed by qualified pilots along with current operating procedures. The course is mainly conducted in the HKIAA’s Flight Demonstration Device (FDD) with briefing and debriefing offered by an experienced Captain. The FDD is modeled in measured dimensions of a real cockpit with full-function instrument panels of a common twin-engine aircraft. The device can generate weather conditions and demonstrate from basic flight operations to multi-systems issues. On completion of the course, the attendees will have a good idea of the amount of work needed if they wish to re-join the industry.


Topics covered:

  • Air traffic controller as a service provider
  • Air traffic control restrictions, procedures and how you can make them help you
  • Introduction to new north runway operations at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA)
  • Briefing on features and procedures in the Flight Demonstration Device (FDD)
  • Discussions on using the FDD for the abnormal and emergency practice of callout and procedures
  • General cockpit operational updates and new procedures
  • Experience sharing pre/post session in the FDD


For enrolment or course details, please send an email to with participants’ names, two preferred dates and contact.


  • The minimum enrolment of each class will be four participants. Charter class is welcome.
  • A saving of HKD500 per participant per class will be offered for a booking of two.