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Cadet Pilot Programme

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People who are passionate and dedicated to flying and would like to pursue a career in aviation

2023 Q4 English
Cadet Pilot Programme

This 14-month cadet pilot programme provides trainees with comprehensive ground school theory training to build their skills, knowledge and capability at a local tertiary education institute. The training will be in accordance with the syllabus approved by the Civil Aviation Department, including subjects of Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge, Flight Performance and Planning, Human Performance and Limitation, Meteorology, Navigation, Operations Procedures, Principles of Flight and Communications and more.

On completion of ground courses in Hong Kong, flying training will be conducted at a world-renowned flying school in the Mainland or overseas. Trainees will be trained on both single and twin-engined aircrafts, and practise Multi-Crew Coordination and Airline Operating Procedures in flight simulators.


Topics covered:

  • Air Law
  • Aircraft general knowledge
  • Flight performance and planning
  • Human performance and limitations
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Operational procedures
  • Principles of flight
  • Communications


The status of the programme is subject to the final approval of the Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department.