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Fatigue Management

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Aviation personnel, including air traffic control officers, flight crew, technicians and engineers, and the public interested in aviation

On request (1 day) English
Fatigue Management

This one-day course provides participants with knowledge on fatigue, including its causes and its impact on performance in the operational workplace. The course also enhances their awareness and understanding of fatigue management strategies, hence employing strategies to manage fatigue both at and outside work.


Topics covered:


  • Introduction to Fatigue Management
  • The scientific principles for Fatigue Management
    - Sleep
    - Time awake
    - Shift work
    - Workload
  • Contextual factors affecting fatigue
  • Shared responsibilities

Approaches to Fatigue Management

  • The Prescriptive Approach
  • The Fatigue Risk Management System (FRMS) Approach

Fatigue Management in Operational Workplace

  • Effects of fatigue on human performance
  • General, early tell-tale and warning signs of fatigue
  • Recognising fatigue
  • Minimising fatigue
  • Responses by supervisors/managers to fatigue in operational staff


A minimum of 3 participants is required for the course to be conducted.