Basic Air Traffic Control Operations

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Basic Air Traffic Control Operations

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University students and graduates who are interested in joining the Air Traffic Control (ATC) profession

22/11/2022 – 23/11/2022 (2 days) English
Application Deadline:
Basic Air Traffic Control Operations

The two-day course is an extension of the course ATCS1903 Introduction to Air Traffic Control. This course provides participants with a more detailed view of the role and duties of the air traffic controller. On completion of the course, the participants should understand if the ATC profession is a suitable career choice.


Topics covered:

  • Airspace division – understanding of the sector division principles
  • How air traffic is managed – the application of traffic separation and sequencing requirements
  • Capacity and flow management – how is the handling capacity determined and how traffic delays are managed
  • Job sharing and teamwork in ATC – planner / executive concept, how sector efficiency impact others
  • Qualities required to be an air traffic controller – what are the basic qualities you should have before applying
  • How to prepare for Student Air Traffic Control Officer (SATCO) application