X-Ray Screening Training and Certifications (Classroom Training) for Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF)

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X-Ray Screening Training and Certifications (Classroom Training) for Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF)

Who should attend

Security screeners, whether they are employees of RACSF or employees of a RACSF’s screening service provider, who will perform air cargo screening duties in the RACSF premises

AVSC1401-PART1 MATF Approved Course
06/12/2022 – 09/12/2022 (4 days)
10/01/2023 – 13/01/2023 (4 days)
07/03/2023 – 10/03/2023 (4 days)
02/05/2023 – 05/05/2023 (4 days)
13/06/2023 – 16/06/2023 (4 days)
Application Deadline:
X-Ray Screening Training and Certifications (Classroom Training) for Regulated Air Cargo Screening Facility (RACSF)

This training is a prerequisite four-day classroom learning which equips participants with the knowledge and skill sets of X-ray screening of cargo with the aid of X-ray image analysis. It also covers the RACSF system and relevant legislation, definitions and classifications of restricted articles and dangerous goods, and natures of explosives and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).


The classroom training includes lectures, trainers’ demonstrations, computer-based training system practice. Participants are required to complete all classes and pass each individual test (i.e. a written test and two certification tests on cargo search and X-ray screening).


Upon successful completion of this classroom learning and initial certification tests, participants have to complete the 30-hour on-the-job operational training supervised by the same Certification Body (CB) before they can operate independently.


All enrolments have to be made by RACSF. To enrol in the training, RACSF shall download, complete, and submit each applicant's application form and all supporting documentary proofs listed in the application form to  AcademyEnquiry@hkiaaAcademy.com .


Important Notice 
RACSF shall ensure each applicant’s documentary proof including 
(i)   Medical examination report
(ii)  Education certificates
(iii) Documentary proof of employment history in the previous 5 years
are furnished at the time of the application submission. Failure to submit the documentary proof at this time may result in the suspension or rejection of the application(s). 



RACSF shall ensure that all X-ray security screeners, whether they be employees or the employees of a screening service provider, have met the medical, educational, and other criteria requested by CAD. For details, please refer to P. 15 of CAD’s guidelines on Application for RACSF for Off-airport Air Cargo Screening


Topics covered:

    • RACSF security awareness
    • X-ray screening on cargo
    • Physical search on cargo
    • Dangerous goods regulation




MATF-approved Programme

Eligible applicants may apply for refund of 80% of fees after completing this approved course, subject to a maximum of HKD30,000, under the Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (ProTERS) of Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF).  For details, please refer to the MATF session or http://www.matf.gov.hk 


  • RACSF shall be responsible for the operation of the screening equipment and the continuous supervision of the X-ray screeners’ performance. If any X-ray screener is found to be unfit for carrying out the screening duties, e.g. his / her certification expired or absent from duty for 90 consecutive days or more, RACSF shall report to the CB to suspend or revoke his / her certification. RACSF shall not permit such X-ray screener to perform any screening duty until he / she has received refresher training and passed written and re-certification tests conducted by a CB
  • The minimum enrolment of each class will be 12 participants. A discount of 20% will be offered to the charter class with 24 participants
  • For payment receipt, please contact us via AcademyEnquiry@hkiaaAcademy.com