Improving Pilot – Air Traffic Control Collaboration

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Improving Pilot – Air Traffic Control Collaboration

Who should attend

University students and graduates who are interested in applying for Air Traffic Control (ATC) or pilots positions, and have a basic understanding of these roles

Ongoing (1 day) English
Improving Pilot – Air Traffic Control Collaboration

This one-day course conducted in a flight simulator is an excellent introduction to the cockpit issues faced by both air traffic controllers and pilots. The course facilitator is an experienced aircraft commander who will share the operational issues encountered in daily operations. There will be an enactment of an outbound and then an inbound sector into Hong Kong International Airport. The course will provide a first-hand view for participants in both professions.


Topics covered:

  • Briefing on the simulator layout
  • Operational issues faced by both ATC and pilots
  • Use of the device to demonstrate various cockpit functions
  •  ATC / pilot exchanges and enactment of out / in sector