Introduction to Air Traffic Control

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Introduction to Air Traffic Control

Who should attend

University students and graduates who are interested in joining the Air Traffic Control (ATC) profession

ATCS1903 MATF Approved Course
03/02/2023 (1 day) English with Cantonese
Application Deadline:
Introduction to Air Traffic Control

This one-day course provides participants with a broad knowledge of the nature of jobs in ATC, including the responsibilities and technical knowledge required for such a position. The course also covers training and skill sets that an air traffic controller requires in the day-to-day running of his job. It prepares participants for a career in ATC. On completion of this course, participants are encouraged to enrol in its extension course i.e. ATCS1913 Basic Air Traffic Control Operations.


Topics covered:

  • Introduction to ICAO
  • Objectives of air traffic services
  • Concept of air traffic management
  • Different phases of flight and control position
  • IFR and VFR
  • IFR cruising level system 

MATF-approved Programme

Eligible applicants may apply for refund of 80% of fees after completing this approved course, subject to a maximum of HKD30,000, under the Professional Training and Examination Refund Scheme (ProTERS) of Maritime and Aviation Training Fund (MATF).  For details, please refer to the MATF session or